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Otel.com it is a system of online reservations with over 250 thousand units of accommodation (hotel, hostel, apartment hotel, motel, villa, etc.) that has the lowest price due to the fact that it can be used on every online booking a discount code. On average, a voucher for the steel gives you 6% extra discount from the prices posted already from the search units of accommodation. The prices on the website are displayed in EURO, but can choose to be displayed in GBP, USD or any other currency easy.

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Payment of reservations made on the Otel.com it can be done like this:

1. Online, at the moment of booking, by credit card or debit card, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express

2. Directly at the hotel when you arrive, in which case it is possible that the price to be slightly higher and if you choose this option you must check the "Pay at hotel" before you complete the booking.

In both variants of the payment, in a few minutes of making the booking, you will receive by email details about the booking made and confirm them. It is useful to print this email and present at the hotel when you arrive.


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24 August 2019

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How to use an otel.com voucher code ?

To use a coupon code chosen from our site is the need to follow these steps:

1. Make a search depending on chosen destination, number of persons and period you want the perfect hotel.

2. Choose the hotel (or other accommodation) to which you would like to stay. Prices shown are for one night accommodation.

3. After you have chosen the hotel, under the pictures with him, you have the possibility to select some options from the table, of cancellation or to pay only at the hotel and not at the time of booking then the option appears to choose the type of room desired.

4. After aui was chosen all of your favorite you have clicked on BOOK NOW to get to the page where I have Name, email address and mobile phone for the person who makes the booking and payment details (card number, name on card, card expiry date and CVV2 code).

5. After you are past data on the card, in the right of the site under the text of the Reservation Price is written with small letters, I have a promo code.

6. Click on the text of the I have a promo code to open a box where you have to get the voucher code chosen for the new site then have to click on the SUBMIT button to immediately activate the discount related to this coupon Otel.com

7. To complete your booking, with the reduction provided by this promotional code, you must give the click on the COMPLETE RESERVATION after the advance you ticked that you agree with the terms and conditions of the site Otel.com