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What UBER UK sells

UBER emerged in 2008 in the city of Paris, which began with a delivery trip in a 2-wheel vehicle, which later reached 4 wheels and even an 18-wheel vehicle as cargo deliveries, with the main objective of helping those who need it in terms of mobilization is about anywhere in the world, which allows us to unite from the digital to the physical since what you want or need can arrive with just one click.

UBER is a company that allows all communities to generate profits from its platform, which works constantly to improve the delivery and quality of good service, in a free world without fear, as well as accessible to all. , as well as working to offer security in each of its provided mobility services since we work with security defenders for a safe trip with advanced technologies.
UBER is available in countries such as Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Honduras.

UBER sells and offers its customers UBER travel (transfer), UBER eats (food), UBER for business (travel or employee transfer), UBER Freigth (for carriers and shippers).

How UBER Ships the Software Program

UBER products can be delivered from Bicycles, Motorcycles, Cars, among others.

What discounts does UBER UK offer?

At the moment, UBER offers a 10% discount for certain cities where this service is used.

Payment methods at UBER UK

UBER payment options may vary by country and city, among the payment alternatives that are accepted are cash, credit cards or PayPal account, or Google Pay.

How long does it take to deliver products ordered from UBER?

The services provided through UBER their delivery may vary depending on the service requested in the UBER eats box, these may take a period of one hour to be delivered, for the UBER service transfers may vary according where the person is going.

Coupons currently available at UBER UK

UBER is currently showing a variety of discount coupons of 10%, 20% and up to 25%, taking into account the back-to-school season.

UBER Discount Coupon $20
Get a $10 discount for the first 10 uses of the UBER service
UBER Promo Code $6 Off
$25 UBER Promo Code
$5 UBER discount coupon for the first 2 uses

UBER UK Customer Service

In UBER to contact customer service you can do it from an online chat, or by logging into your UBER account where you must choose the topic for which you want to obtain information in which you must create a ticket or contact form. Contact.

Benefits of using a UBER coupon in the UK

By using your discount coupons at UBER you get the benefit of being able to purchase the delivery or transfer service completely free.

How can I return or cancel a UBER software program?

To cancel a UBER order, this will have a charge for service cancellation and for this you must do it from the driver information bar, click on cancel the trip, press Yes to cancel.

Exclusive UBER coupon for new UK buyers

New UBER customers can enjoy up to $25 off their first use of this service

UBER UK on social media

On social networks you can find some great offers for the services offered by UBER. Then we invite you to discover for yourself promotional offers and discount coupons on the following social networks:


Maximum discount offered by UBER for buyers in the United Kingdom

The maximum discount offered by UBER is 50% off.

UBER UK coupon for newsletter subscription

By subscribing to the UBER newsletter, the customer will be receiving notifications regarding its news, as well as information about UBER coupons and promotional offers when they are active. If you are a new UBER customer you will receive up to $25 discount for the first 10 uses of this service.

Programs similar to UBER

If you prefer, you can visit some pages similar to UBER where you can review their products, some of these pages are Bolt.eu, Cabifi.com, DiDi.


For UBER it is a very important day since for this holiday you can get very good discounts, which can be up to 50%.

Coupon for UBER UK for 11.11

In UBER they are celebrated on the 11th day of November, so during this day you can enjoy good promotions and various discounts that can reach 30%.

UBER UK Cyber ​​Monday Promotional Coupons

In UBER these Cyber ​​Monday discounts this holiday known as Cyber ​​Monday, for this day discounts are prepared that can start from 65%.

UBER UK Coupons for Christmas

Christmas discounts at UBER are enjoyed during the month of December, so for these days you can get a 35% discount so you can make your trips and enjoy Christmas.

UBER mobile application for iPhone and Android

UBER has available the mobile application for iPhone and Android from which you make the request of your requests.

Known software for sale on the UBER website

LIME scooters can also be rented on the UBER mobile app.


Does UBER offer free delivery?

UBER does not offer free shipping.

Where should I write the UBER discount coupon?

In UBER you can write your discount coupon from the app or your account, but for this you must do it from the link received in the email and it will be automatically added to the box to be used on the trip.

Can I pay at UBER with PayPal?

At UBER you can pay for your services through the PayPal digital platform.

Coupons Last Updated: Today
23 June 2024

Special promotions and coupons at UBER United Kingdom

To keep you up to date with the latest promotional coupons from UBER, here on this page we bring you the latest coupons and offers. Here are some of them:

UBER Discount Coupon $20
Get a $10 discount for the first 10 uses of the UBER service
UBER Promo Code $6 Off
$25 UBER Promo Code
$5 UBER discount coupon for the first 2 uses

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