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CARREFOUR, created in 1959, has been in the market for more than 60 years. It was founded by Marcel Fournier and Denis Defforey, who, with their goal of opening the first American-style hypermarket in France with a wide variety of products, For the year 1993, it began its international expansion, arriving for the first time in China. Following years it arrived in Poland, and thus over the years it continued to reach more countries such as Romania, France, Belgium, Spain and South America, countries such as Brazil. and Argentina, in 2013 in celebration of its 50th anniversary, it arrives on the continent of Africa.

CARREFOUR has had the ambition to be the world leader in the food transition by the year 2022, thus having the mission of offering products and food of the best quality at affordable prices.
CARREFOUR sells fruits, vegetables, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, breads, cakes, cheeses, frozen foods, cold cuts, dairy products, cheeses, beers, tea, liquors, sparkling wines, milk, snacks, champagnes, pizzas, yogurt, beverages, groceries salty, pasta, rice, sauces, spices, oils, vinegars, dressings, condiments, broths, sweet foods, cookies, coffee, cakes, chocolates, fruits in syrup, gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan and vegetarian products , hygiene and beauty products for body and hair care such as shampoo, conditioner, body creams, dental and intimate hygiene, toilet paper, eye makeup, lips, first aid products, for cleaning such as detergents, for clothing care , air fresheners, candles, towels, toilet paper, products for animals. In addition to household appliances such as air conditioning, kitchen, washing machine, image and sound from television, home theater, computers, tablets, printers, school supplies, smartphones, smart watches, PlayStation video games, consoles, furniture and decoration, clothing for the whole family, shoes, books, dictionaries, toys, among others.

How CARREFOUR ships orders to the United Kingdom

CARREFOUR is in charge of delivering your products through its couriers available only to send purchases to your customers, CARREFOUR also offers the nearest store pick-up.

What discounts does CARREFOUR UK offer?

CARREFOUR offers a variety of available discounts among which you can find that can range from 30% to 60% available.

Payment methods at CARREFOUR United Kingdom

At CARREFOUR you can pay for your purchases through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Bleue, these payment methods may vary depending on the country of payment.

How long does it take to deliver products ordered from CARREFOUR in the UK?

The products in CARREFOUR may take from 1 hour to 24 hours (One day) to arrive. This delivery time may depend on the time the purchase is made.

Coupons currently available at CARREFOUR UK

Here is a list of some of the available CARREFOUR promotional offers and coupons:

Discount Code CARREFOUR: up to 50% discount on electronics
3 euros discount if you order from the CARREFOUR application
CARREFOUR coupon valid today: 5% discount on all orders
CARREFOUR promotional code: 3 euros discount + free shipping

CARREFOUR UK Customer Service

To contact customer service at CARREFOUR you have several options to do so, one of them is through an online chat, or from a contact form, also from your social networks.

Benefits of using a CARREFOUR coupon in the UK

Using discount coupons at CARREFOUR has its benefits, the most substantial being the money you can save on your purchases by applying your discount coupons.

How can I return a product ordered from CARREFOUR from the UK?

To make a return in CARREFOUR you have a period of 14 business days, for this you have two options to do it directly in the store or you must contact customer service where you will receive the necessary information for the process.

Exclusive CARREFOUR coupon for new UK buyers

Currently new customers of CARREFOUR are not receiving exclusive coupons.

CARREFOUR UK on social media

In social networks, in addition to information about the latest collection launches, you can discover the latest promotional offers.


Maximum discount offered by CARREFOUR for buyers in the United Kingdom

As a maximum discount in CARREFOUR you can enjoy a 60% available.

CARREFOUR UK coupon for newsletter subscription

By subscribing to the CARREFOUR newsletter, your customers can receive notification of its news, new products or new releases, as well as its available offers and discounts.

Shops similar to CARREFOUR

There is a wide variety of stores similar to CARREFOUR in the market where you can get similar products which you can combine or simply see their available prices, these are some stores that you can visit,,


Black Friday discounts at CARREFOUR take place on the fourth Friday of November, and during this sale day, which is the most important, you can get very good discounts, which can be up to 90%, with special offers available.

Coupon for CARREFOUR UK for 11.11

The 11.11 discounts at CARREFOUR are celebrated on the 11th of November, during this period you can enjoy discounts that can be up to 50% off, in the same way you can also enjoy excellent promotions which can be 2x1 or the 2nd unit with 50%.

CARREFOUR UK promotional coupons for Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday discounts at CARREFOUR take place on the Monday following the celebration of Black Friday. During this holiday, discounts are offered for online purchases, which you can get by 75% with additional coupons of up to 15 %.

CARREFOUR UK Coupons for Christmas

You can get Christmas discounts at CARREFOUR during the month of December, so during this period you can enjoy a wide variety of discounts applied to their products, which can range from 35% to 55%. % off.

CARREFOUR mobile application for iPhone and Android

CARREFOUR has a mobile application for iPhone and Android.

Famous brands sold in the CARREFOUR store

At CARREFOUR you will find brands such as Karcher, Sitram, Norbert, Samsung, Apple, Kellogs, Maggi, JBL, LG, Sony, Hitachi, Hyundai, Schneider, Polaroid, Xiomi, Sharp, Toshiba, Mandina, Kindo, Nalk & Rey, Alpina , Ryobi, TCL, Domoclip, Homedics, Prixton, DJA, Stanley, Akashi, Ardess, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Funko, Epson, Canon, Hp, Xerox, AOC, Kodak, Chicco, Vtech, Fisher Price, Hisense, Marvel, Nestlé, BabyBJorn, Mustela, Mattel.


Can I pay at CARREFOUR with PayPal?

In CARREFOUR payment through PayPal is not accepted.

Does CARREFOUR offer free shipping to the UK?

Currently CARREFOUR is not offering free shipping.

Where should I write the discount coupon in CARREFOUR?

In order to write a discount coupon in CARREFOUR, you only have to choose the products you want to take, then go to your shopping bag where you will find a box in which you must include the coupon number you want to use.

Coupons Last Updated: Today
09 December 2023

Promotions and special coupons at CARREFOUR United Kingdom

Do you want to be up to date with the latest coupons and promotional offers from CARREFOUR? Below is a list of the latest:

Discount Code CARREFOUR: up to 50% discount on electronics
3 euros discount if you order from the CARREFOUR application
CARREFOUR coupon valid today: 5% discount on all orders
CARREFOUR promotional code: 3 euros discount + free shipping

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