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PromotionTake up to USD55 promo at UNICE.com order in app
CouponUNICE.com 10% promotional code
CouponTake discount code at UNICE.com: up to USD50 select items
CouponGet now $4 discount on any UNICE.com purchase

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What Unice sells

Unice works to create confidence to its thousands of customers around the world, providing and offering different options to suit the style of each person who uses it, whether to be able to be in good style in the day or night, casual or elegant.

The products available at Unice are manufactured with the highest quality which meet the needs of its customers by offering wigs and extensions of guaranteed natural hair made with innovation and technology hand sewn to offer comfort and breathability.

Among the products available at Unice are long and short wigs, wavy and straight, curly, bob style, wigs with headbands, in different colors, hair strands, tail extensions, accessories such as cap, clips, moisturizing lotions, eyelashes, headbands, straightening comb.

How does Unice ship orders?

Unice ships orders via UPS from its warehouse in the United States and via DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS from its warehouse in China.

What discounts does Unice offer?

The discounts offered by Unice are:

70% discount on selected clearance products.

50% discount on clearance sales.

Products from 15% off and up.

Offer of two wigs for $100.

Get the second unit at 40% off.

Payment methods at Unice

Payment methods accepted at Unice are through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, as well as PayPal, After Pay, Clear Pay, Zip, Sezzle and Klarna.

How long does it take to deliver the products ordered from Unice?

The time it takes for products ordered from Unice to be delivered varies depending on the destination from which it is shipped, for orders shipped from the US warehouse it can take between 1 to 5 business days, for orders shipped from the China warehouse it can take up to 7 business days.

Discount coupons currently available at Unice

The discount coupons currently available at Unice are:

$50 off orders over $350 using the code SCHOOL.

10$ off orders over $99 using the code SCHOOL.

Unice customer service

Customer service available at Unice can be done by sending an email to the email soporte@Unice by calling the phone number 16267846221, from an online chat or by sending a WhatsApp message to 16267824231.

Benefits of using a coupon from Unice

For Unice wig lovers, the benefit they have when applying a discount coupon is what they can save at the time of paying for their purchase, having as another benefit to be able to take another product.

How can I return a product ordered at Unice?

To return a product ordered in Unice customers must log into your account, select the order and click on return and follow the instructions that this will be delivered to complete the process.

Exclusive coupon for new buyers in Unice

New buyers of Unice can use all coupon promotions that are available at the time of purchase, as well as the 100% discount for new buyers.

Unice on social networks

In Unice customers can find in social networks all the promotions available in their offers and discounts available, as well as their clearance sales and coupons, as well as all the products available.

X (Twitter)

Maximum discount offered by Unice for its buyers

As the maximum discount available to Unice buyers, they can enjoy a 70% discount available.

Unice Coupon for Newsletter Subscription

Customers who subscribe to the Unice newsletter can be kept up to date with notifications of promotions and exclusive offers available.

Unice Lookalike Stores

The stores similar to Unice correspond to Nadula.com, Luvmehair.com, which can be visited and where you can get similar products.

Unice Black Friday Coupons

The best product discounts are offered by Unice during the Black Friday discount, date in which you can find the best deals and the best discounts available to its customers which can be achieved in up to 70% with additional coupons of 5%.

Unice coupons for 11.11

The discount coupons that Unice has for the 11.11 holiday sale can be found from 5% in advance available with offers and discounts that can be up to 50%.

Unice Coupons for Cyber Monday

To celebrate the Cyber Monday discount at Unice customers can enjoy the best deals and discounts available up to 77% off with additional 15% off sale coupons.

Unice Christmas Coupons

To enjoy the Christmas holidays at Unice you can find the best deals and discounts available for your customers which can be from 15% with additional discount coupons from 3% and up.

Unice Mobile Application for IPhone and Android

Unice has for its customers available mobile application for iPhone and Android from which customers can make their purchases and receive $55 off.

Famous brands sold on Unice

Unice only sells its own branded products.


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25 July 2024

Special promotions and coupons at Unice

Through the special promotions and discounts available at Unice customers can keep up to date with the latest news to make their purchases and save money.

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