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CouponAvast.com 20% promo code Internet Security Software
CouponUp to 5% discount code for Avast.com

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What AVAST UK sells

AVAST was born in 1988 by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera with the name of Alwill, distributing and selling its first software created, for the year 2010 it changed its name to AVAST, growing rapidly globally, offering in the Over the years antivirus for small and medium businesses, years later they launch their mobile application.

AVAST since its inception has the main objective of providing digital protection to all its customers, offering security from anywhere it is found when browsing the internet, protecting and safeguarding personal identity against threats found in online since today we are connected to the digital world, due to this in AVAST its team works hard for the innovation of its products to provide quality and efficiency in each of its contents, which allows it to keep its devices protected and resistant against viruses, malware and other threats on networks.

AVAST sells products for home and business that have security, privacy and performance among which you can get protection for all your devices against internet threats including SecureLine VPN, Antitrack, Secure Browser, Onlie Security Privacy , Cleanup PREMIUM, Battery Saber, Driver Updater.

How AVAST Ships the Software Program

The plans to which AVAST customers subscribe are delivered to their email through an email with a link, or through an activation code in their AVAST account.

What discounts does AVAST UK offer?

AVAST has available for its clients different plans and services available in its varieties of products among which they can get different discounts applied among which are 26%, 32%, 38%, 40%, 45%.

Payment methods at AVAST UK

Among the payment methods accepted at AVAST for the purchase and subscription of its plans are payments made through major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

How long does it take to deliver products ordered from AVAST?

In AVAST, the plan selected and purchased by the client will only take time to arrive in the mail while payment is verified.

Coupons currently available at AVAST UK

AVAST is currently displaying a variety of discount coupons of 10%, 20% and up to 25%, taking into account the back-to-school season.

50% discount off list price on any AVAST software
AVAST Premium Security 34% Discount Coupon
50% AVAST Promo Code for AVAST ONE for MAC
AVAST Cleaning 54% Discount Code
20% discount for AVAST Business Solutions

AVAST UK Customer Service

AVAST has available to contact customer service a contact form in which you must fill in some data which you must send, later you will be receiving a response to your request.

Benefits of using an AVAST coupon in UK

There are a variety of benefits when applying the discount coupons delivered by AVAST, among them we can mention one of the most important for its clients, such as saving when paying for their plans.

How can I return or cancel an AVAST software program?

To cancel a subscription in AVAST, the client must log in to their account from the main page of AVAST, then they must go to the subscriptions tab and click on deactivate subscription, then they must follow the instructions to complete the process.

Exclusive AVAST Coupon for New UK Buyers

New AVAST customers receive a promotional code 20% off and can also try AVAST antivirus free for 30 days

AVAST UK on Social Media

On social networks you can find some great offers for the services offered by AVAST. Then we invite you to discover for yourself promotional offers and discount coupons on the following social networks:


Maximum discount offered by AVAST for UK buyers

As a maximum discount, AVAST customers can take advantage of a variety of discounts available, among them there is a maximum of 45% applied to some of their plans.

AVAST UK coupon for newsletter subscription

By subscribing to the AVAST newsletter, you will receive a 30-day free trial and a coupon with up to 50% discount.

Programs similar to AVAST

If the client prefers, they can visit some pages which are similar to AVAST since they present certain plans and similar subscriptions to which they can review and compare their available plans and features, as well as their prices or discounts, some of these stores are AVIRA.com, Norton.com, McAfee.com and TrendMicro.com


AVAST products are presented for the Black Friday sale holiday with exclusive and wonderful discounts for their customers to take advantage of these opportunities which can be up to 75%.

Coupon for AVAST UK for 11.11

In the month of November the discount of 11.11 is celebrated and for this date in AVAST promotions and spectacular discounts are delivered which can be obtained from 55%.

AVAST UK Cyber ​​Monday Promotional Coupons

One of the most important sales holidays for AVAST is the sales holiday known as Cyber ​​Monday, and on this day its customers can find and enjoy incredible discounts which they can get up to 85%.

AVAST UK Coupons for Christmas

For Christmas AVAST delivers great discounts which you can get from 45%, as well as good deals and discounts available.

AVAST mobile application for iPhone and Android

AVAST has a mobile application available for iPhone and Android from which you can download for the security and digital protection of your computer.

Software known for sale on the AVAST website

At AVAST all plans delivered are under your own brand.


Does AVAST offer free shipping?

The plans that AVAST customers subscribe to are sent free of charge to their email.

Where should I write the discount coupon in AVAST?

AVAST does not have a box available to write the discount coupon number.

Can I pay in AVAST with PayPal?

AVAST does not accept the PayPal digital platform as a payment method.

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24 May 2024

Promotions and special coupons at AVAST UK

To keep you up to date with the latest promotional coupons from AVAST, here on this page we bring you the latest coupons and offers. Here are some of them:

50% discount off list price on any AVAST software
AVAST Premium Security 34% Discount Coupon
50% AVAST Promo Code for AVAST ONE for MAC
AVAST Cleaning 54% Discount Code
20% discount for AVAST Business Solutions

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