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Offer TypeDiscount Details
CouponeBay promo code for selected items: 15% discount
CouponGrab 20% discount code at eBay.com
CouponEnjoy 10% promotional code at eBay.com selected items
CouponCoupon code at eBay.com: extra 5% discount selected items

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What eBay sells UK

This digital platform was founded in 1995, its main function is to trade through the Internet portal, it operates as a huge store very easy and simple since you can buy or sell items which range from antiques, collectibles, Real Estate, Beauty and Health, Jewelry and Watches, Computers, Cell Phones, Cameras, Drinks, Books, Clothes and Footwear, Video Games, among many others. You just have to select the option you like.

In the auction (sale) the item is for a certain period where you receive several offers, the largest of which takes the item. In the purchase the item has a fixed price. Millions of objects are found on eBay daily, large companies like IBM sell their latest products on this platform. To perform any operation you must be duly registered.

How eBay ships orders to the UK

Shipping methods may vary depending on where the seller is located, it can be managed through DHL, Global Mail, China Post, Spain Mail, there are also packages ranging from Economic from 11 to 23 days, Standard from 5 to 10 days, Express from 1 to 3 days and the same day.

What discounts does eBay UK offer?

eBay offers a category of outstanding offers and discounts, right here you can get an option called FOR LESS THAN $ 10 USD, in each of the tabs you will find articles from all the categories that exist on the page.

Payment methods on eBay UK

The payment methods on this page can be with credit cards, through your PayPal account, through bank transfers, cash on delivery, for this you must be duly registered.

How long does it take to deliver the products ordered from eBay in the UK?

In eBay there are several types of shipping service that it has for which the time to arrive can vary, in addition to the destination where it is going, among them is the economic shipment that can take from 11 to 23 days, the shipment Standard that ranges from 5 to 10 business days, another option is express shipping which takes between 1 to 3 days and the most effective is the same day.

Coupons currently available on eBay UK

More coupons and promotional offers are available on eBay this week. Below are some of the most popular eBay promotional offers and coupons.

  • Promo code eBay with 10% discount
  • Save 15% with a promotional code
  • Discounts on clothing up to 65% off.
  • Promotional offer 67% discount on refurbished phones
  • $ 5 discount coupon for new users
  • Up to 50% discount on seasonal items

eBay UK Customer Service

eBay does not have a telephone number, for any questions, comments or suggestions you must do so through your email or Log in to your account.

Benefits of using an eBay promo code in the UK

There are many benefits that you can obtain by using coupons on eBay since you can carry a wide variety of items from all categories, spending less than you imagine, making the most of the discount, globalizing in a single purchase what you need. Discounts with promotional coupons go up to $ 5 and up to 60% off the promotional offer.

How can I return a product ordered from eBay from the UK?

In eBay to return an item you must enter the Purchase History section and select the options to return the item, as well as the reason for it, it is necessary that you contact the seller directly and he will indicate the steps to follow since everything can depend on the return policies established by the seller.

Exclusive voucher code for new buyers in the UK

Visitors to a new eBay account can now receive a $ 5 gift voucher.

eBay UK on social media

At the moment eBay does not have discount coupons on its social networks, it can only get information regarding its products, as well as their prices, as well as forums with information of interest regarding the products it offers.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Maximum discount offered by eBay for UK buyers

In eBay you get products at very good prices and discounts, as well as a wide variety of discounts which may vary depending on the seller. They can be 10%, 5% or up to 60%, you also get a tab where you can locate products for less than US $ 10

UK eBay promo code for newsletter subscription

If you subscribe to the eBay newsletter, you will receive a promotional coupon of $ 5 discount by email for the first order placed.

Similar stores to eBay

There are a wide variety of products that you can get by visiting eBay, in the same way if you prefer you can visit other similar pages where you can buy endless offers and similar products, the pages you can visit are Aliexpress.com, Amazon.com, Gearbest.com

eBay UK Promo Codes for BLACK FRIDAY

From Black Friday you have up to a 60% discount on the promotional offers present in this online marketplace. Also, a discount coupon can bring you a discount of $ 5.

Voucher Code for eBay UK by 11.11

Since 11.11 you have discounts on most product categories on eBay. Up to 50% direct discount and coupons of $ 5 and $ 10 that you can use only today.

eBay UK promo coupons for Cyber ​​Monday

If it's Cyber ​​Monday, it's the biggest discount deal of the year on eBay. Today you get discounts of up to 80% and eBay Cyber ​​Monday coupons with $ 5 and 10% discount respectively.

eBay UK Promo Codes for Christmas

At Christmas you have super discounts on the eBay international online trading platform. Coupons of $ 5 for new customers, 5% and 10% for existing customers and promotional offers where you can save up to 75% of the original price.

eBay mobile application for iPhone and Android

eBay allows its users to have the mobile application whenever and wherever you want since it offers the mobile application for iPhone from the App Store and for Android from Google Play, from here you can buy and search everything you want in one place.

Famous brands sold on eBay store

Some famous brands that you can get on eBay among the hundreds of products that you get here we can mention some of them such as Adidas, Access, Boucheron, Crocs, Chicco, Dolphin, Escada, Fuji, Gillette, H&M, Huawei, IBM, Ikea, Kodak, JVC, Lexmark, Omega, Pioneer, Sanyo, Tissot, Vodafone, Vichy, Whirlpool, Xiamoi, Zaful among other options that you can get by visiting the page.


Where should I write the discount coupon on eBay?

In eBay, once you have chosen everything you hope to bring and you must go to the shopping cart to proceed to cancel, in this window the payment and shipping methods will appear, in addition to this you will find a box where you must apply to include the your coupon code.

Can I pay on eBay with PayPal?

In eBay you can make payments through PayPal, this only for some countries, this means of payment will be in use only when the seller places it, this payment is made quickly and safely through your account, once you have selected the item you want to take you must click on the payment methods button, select PayPal and you will be directed to the site to complete the steps and purchase.

Does eBay offer free shipping to the UK?

eBay corresponds to a page that has hundreds of sellers and buyers who work differently each, for this reason there are some shipments that you can get for free, as some must be canceled, since everything may depend on the policies trading.

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15 July 2024

Special coupons and promotions on eBay UK

Periodically eBay has promotional offers and offers discount coupons with different discount values. Here is a list of the most popular coupons and promotional offers:

  • Promo code eBay with 10% discount
  • Save 15% with a promotional code
  • Discounts on clothing up to 65% off.
  • Promotional offer 67% discount on refurbished phones
  • $ 5 discount coupon for new users
  • Up to 50% discount on seasonal items

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