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Coupon20% promo code at
CouponTake 30% promotional code at
PromotionAirBNB Host Referral Code: 55 USD in travel credit
Coupon$40 AirBNB coupon if you are a new on AirBNB

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1. >> What AIRBNB sells UK
AIRBNB was created in San Francisco in 2008 by the hand of two designers when they felt the need to offer a physical space in their house as accommodation for three friends, who were going to a conference and the hotels were sold out, which It led us to think that there was a great idea, since then we have become a community of millions of hosts around the world.

AIRBNB is a new way of traveling, since our hosts offer their clients unique and unrepeatable experiences, finally they live the experiences in each of the homes in which they are received, providing the feeling of belonging and of being at home, with your loved ones and loved ones focused on a continuous change, and with a creative spirit with a lot of curiosity and imagination presenting solutions. Offering commitment that generates trust in those who visit us, allowing strangers to share with their hosts.

AIRBNB due to the pandemic had a hiatus facing challenges, canceling reservations and giving refunds, but thanks to our principles we passed the test during the strong crisis, looking for new possibilities for people. Due to this, AIRBNB has remained stable over time.

2. >> How do I make a reservation on AIRBNB?

In AIRBNB once you have made the reservation from the online page, the confirmation with the ticket of your reservation will arrive to your email, where you will find all the necessary data for your stay. You can also find it in your account from the page. This will reach your account and your email once the payment has been confirmed.

3. >> What discounts does AIRBNB UK offer?

The discounts that AIRBNB offers today to its clients are up to 40% on selected accommodation units and a new client coupon with a discount of $ 20 for the first accommodation reservation.

4. >> Payment methods at AIRBNB UK
In AIRBNB you have different payment options among which we can mention credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, other options are Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Elo, Hipercad, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayU, PostePay , Sofort Uberweisung, iDeal, Discover. These options may vary depending on the Country of your origin.
5. >> How long does it take for the reservation made on AIRBNB to arrive?

In AIRBNB once you have made your reservation and paid for it, you can automatically receive confirmation of it in your email or in your account.

6. >> Coupons currently available at AIRBNB UK
There are currently no coupons available on AIRBNB

AIRBNB welcome coupon with $ 15 off
$ 20 promo code for new customers
20% discount when booking for a month
AIRBNB coupon with 30% discount for long-term accommodation
$ 50 discount coupon at AIRBNB
Get a $ 40 discount when you refer a friend to AIRBNB
7. >> AIRBNB UK Customer Service
In order to contact an AIRBNB host, you must do so from your account on the page, by sending a message, since you will only receive their phone number once you have confirmed your reservation.

8. >> Benefits of using an AIRBNB coupon in the UK
By using your discount coupons at AIRBNB you find benefits, the most important being and what we can mention is that by making the payment of your reservations applying your discount coupons you can save money. An AIRBNB coupon can bring you up to 20% off accommodation today.

9. >> Can I cancel the reservation made on the AIRBNB tourism portal?

In order to cancel a reservation on AIRBNB there are different ways to do it, but it should be noted that these policies may depend on the hosts in charge of your reservation. Among them are the flexible, strict, moderate and super strict reserve.

10. >> Exclusive coupon for new buyers in the UK
For now, for UK users, AIRBNB is offering a $ 20 discount coupon.

11. >> AIRBNB UK on social media

AIRBNB does not have one of the most active social networks, but you can follow in some of them the most recent presentations of wonderful accommodation units from all over the world and, why not, sometimes you can also receive a coupon from AIRBNB on social media pages.

12. >> Maximum discount offered by AIRBNB for buyers in the United Kingdom
The maximum offers available now are up to a 50% discount for certain tourist destinations and a welcome coupon from AIRBNB with a discount of $ 20.

13. >> AIRBNB UK coupon for newsletter subscription

By registering on AIRBNB you will be receiving information bulletins regarding your notifications from your hosts and their news. By email you can receive an AIRBNB coupon with a discount of $ 20 on the first reservation.

14. >> Travel agencies similar to AIRBNB

There are certain similar pages where you can get some services similar to those offered by AIRBNB in which you can compare prices these pages are Booking, Hotels or KKDAY.
15. >> UK AIRBNB coupons for BLACK FRIDAY

On the day called Black Friday, many accommodation owners offer discounts and promotional codes for the accommodation. These discounts reach up to 60% of the original price for certain times of the year, and you can also use the Black Friday coupon AIRBNB, which offers a discount of $ 20 on the first reservation.

16. >> Coupon for AIRBNB UK by 11.11

Although November 11 is not an important day for discounts here at AIRBNB, today you can find accommodation up to 20% cheaper for the next period of the year.

17. >> AIRBNB UK promotional coupons for Cyber ​​Monday

On Cyber ​​Monday discounted day, some accommodation owners offer a discount of up to 50% off the initial price, in order to get as many tourist-packed days as possible for the next period. So feel free to search for your preferred accommodation on this important day for discounts.
18 >> AIRBNB UK Coupons for Christmas

Accommodation prices for Christmas can be very high, but if you choose to book in advance you can even find a 50% discount for these wonderful days when Christmas is celebrated. And if you choose to book accommodation for another time of year on Christmas Day, you will definitely find super good prices!

19 >> AIRBNB mobile application for iPhone and Android

AIRBNB, offers its customers the convenience of being able to request their reservations through the mobile application for iPhone from the Apple Store and for Android through Google Play.

20 >> What popular tourist destinations can be booked through AIRBNB?

AIRBNB offers its users popular destinations worldwide where you can experiment with frenzy, among which we can mention you find London, Washington, Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Madrid, Vienna, Munchen, Bucharest, Paris, New York, Toronto , Lisabon, Bogota, Panama City, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Singapore, Tokyo, Jeju, Seoul, Bangkok, Moscow, Prague, among other beautiful cities.



Does AIRBNB offer free reservations?

In AIRBNB, you can find some of their stays where you can get services with free rates, but in some of them you may have to cancel fees for services and cleaning.

Can I pay on AIRBNB with PayPal?

In AIRBNB in its payment methods you can do it through your PayPal account, for this you must have carried out the necessary steps for your reservation in which later the payment window will appear where you must select the one that suits your needs.

Where should I write the discount coupon in AIRBNB?

In AIRBNB, once you have selected your reservation site on the payment page you will find a box in which you must place your coupon code, you must click or apply to make the payment later.

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23 June 2024

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222 >> Special coupons and promotions at AIRBNB UK
Some of the accommodation offers and coupons available for the AIRBNB platform are listed below:

AIRBNB welcome coupon with $ 15 off
$ 20 promo code for new customers
20% discount when booking for a month
AIRBNB coupon with 30% discount for long-term accommodation
$ 50 discount coupon at AIRBNB
Get a $ 40 discount when you refer a friend to AIRBNB

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