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PromotionPromotion for OKX.com: 60% fees register
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PromotionOKX.com 20% promo code trading fees

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1. What is OKX?

OKX was founded in 2017 as OKEx by Star Xu, a leader in the cryptocurrency market, and is a private company headquartered in Seychelles that has conquered the entrepreneurial spirit of millions and millions of users in more than 100 countries. This innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform comes with advanced financial services and blockchain technology to help you succeed while trading and investing in the cryptocurrency industry. With best-in-class services like spot trading, margin, futures, options, perpetual swaps, DeFI, lending, and mining, OKX gives you access to over 300 cryptocurrencies and an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

2. How can I open an OKX account?

Want to open your own OKX account? Go to the official website and click on the Sign-Up button which you can find on the top right corner on the main page. The registration will open where you can choose whether to open your account using your email address or your phone number. Next, you will need to enter a strong password of no less than 8 and no more than 32 characters. The password must contain one lowercase and one uppercase character, plus a number and a symbol. Next, you have to go through a verification process to get your gender code, either in your email address or phone number. After confirming your code, you need to agree to all OKX policies and terms and conditions and you need to hit the register button. You are all set to start playing with your favorite crypto. You can create your account more easily and quickly with your Telegram or Google account.

3. How can you fund your OKX account?

If you want to top up your OKX account, you have to log into your personal account. Go to the Assets tab which you can find at the top right of the home page and select Deposit. Now it's time to select the coin you want to deposit along with your required network. Click Continue and then select and confirm your deposit address. You have a choice between Funding Account and Trading Account, depending on the purpose of your account. Follow the instructions to finalize your transactions. You will find the status of your deposit in the dedicated Deposit History field.

4. How can you withdraw money from your OKX account?

If you wish to withdraw money from your OKX account, you must select the Withdraw button from the dropdown list. The next step is to choose the coin you want to withdraw and your network. Click Continue to continue with the next steps. Now you have to enter and confirm the details of the withdrawal, including the withdrawal address, the amount of money you want to withdraw and so on. Select the account you want to use to withdraw and click the Continue button. Now you need to enter your Funds password and, if you have previously set one, you will need to enter the code that you will receive in your email address or phone number. Enter the code and confirm your withdrawal request. If all goes well, you will find the transaction in the Withdrawal History tab.

5. How long does it take to open an OKX account?

It only takes a few minutes to open your own OKX account. Basically, the process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes due to the verification procedure. But if there is a high volume of requests, it might take just a few more minutes.

6. Promotional offers available on OKX

Are you a bargain hunter? Don't hesitate and go now to OKX to the Flash Offers section to access exclusive offers with high rewards and low risks. Or check out the Savings category to earn hourly interest simply by financing OKX margin loans. Become an OKX Official Broker to gain access to high commission rates, bonus points and fees, OKX markets and their dedicated professional customer support team, available 24 hours a day.

7. OKX Customer Service

If you couldn't find a suitable answer on the support center page on the official website, you can contact the customer service team by sending an email to support@OKX, through the following channels. from social media like Twitter and Telegram or via live chat where you can chat with AI chatbot.

8. The benefits of using OKX

The benefits of using OKX are countless. With OKX you will not only have access to one of the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms in the world, but you will also have access to a top-notch security website and an amazing 24/7 customer support team. Plus, OKX comes in handy with beingadvanced financial vices, low fees, a wide range of cryptocurrencies, educational content, as well as high betting APY's and amazing rewards programs.

9. How can you close your OKX account?

Are you sure you really want to close your OKX account? Once you do ii, your account will be permanently closed. Login to your account and go to security settings. Click the Close Account button on the security page and after carefully checking the risk notice when closing your account and the terms and conditions, click Close Account which you can find at the bottom of the page. Enter the verification code that you received in your phone number as well as the Google authentication code and click Confirm to permanently close your account.

10. OKX Coupon Code

On our page, you will find the latest coupon codes for OKX. You can save a lot on your trading fees with the right coupon code. Sometimes you will get up to 60% discount on transaction fees. Choose wisely. And if you want to benefit from the advantages of one of our OKX coupon codes, all you have to do is press the See Offer button that will open a new window. Here you will find what you have to do to get your discount.

11. OKX on social media

When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, it is always advisable to stay up to date with the news. It's best to join the OKX journey on social media. Follow their activity on one or more of the following channels: Telegram, Line, Twitter, Instagram, Newsroom, YouTube, Discord, Facebook and LinkedIn to discover hidden secrets and the latest industry news and discover the future of investment. your money. In each of these channels, you can ask questions and get answers and you can also chat with other passionate traders to create a strong crypto future together.

12. The biggest discount offered by the OKX referral coupon code

With the OKX referral program you will gain access to Mystery Boxes that could bring you amazing crypto rewards worth up to $10,000.

13. OKX coupon for new customers

Sign up now at OKX to get at least a 10% discount as a starting bonus and to gain access to mystery boxes that could bring you much more.

14. Services similar to OKX

Are you getting bored of OKX? Or do you just want to experience something new? Did you know that there are many other similar services on the web like OKX? Try ProBit.com, Maiar.com, paxful.com, Bitpanda.com, FTX.com, or crypterium.com.

15. OKX Black Friday Deals

Black Friday no longer needs any description. It is the best sales event that is organized globally every November. It is the moment in which we all keep our eyes open to see the offers and surprises that the big companies are preparing. And OKX welcomes you with great deals that could bring you up to 30% off Bitcoin for example or could significantly reduce your fee costs.

16. OKX 11.11 Deals

On November 11, the whole world celebrates the singles day or double 11 sales event. And OKX is one of the companies that welcomes its loyal customers with at least 10% discount on some services.

17. OKX Cyber ​​Monday Deals

Cyber ​​Monday is another major event that will bring you great deals at OKX. If you missed out on the deals at the previous sales events, then you shouldn't miss out on the ones set up for Cyber ​​Monday. You can reduce the costs of your fees or you can get great discounts when trading certain cryptocurrencies.

18. OKX Holiday Deals

Celebrate the holiday season in crypto. Invest more in these digital assets and you will be rewarded every day. In addition, you will be able to make your loved ones happy and you will be able to invest in gifts that bring them more and more money. December is the month ahead with lots of surprises at OKX and you get up to 30% on specific crypto with the Christmas Gift.

19. OKX Mobile App

Do you want to trade on the go anytime, anywhere on one of the most trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange apps? Download now the official mobile app, available on your iOS and Google devices and you will be able to sell, but and trade your favorite crypto directly on your mobile phone.

20. The most popular cryptocurrencies traded on OKX

At OKX you can trade more than 300 cryptocurrencies, among which the most popular are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polkadot, OKB, Litecoin, Shiba Inu or Chainlink.


Where can you write your OLX reference code?

Your OKX referral code has to be entered on the registration page just below your email address and password. There you will find a text Reference code (optional). Clicking on it will bring up a box where you can manually enter your code or you can paste it if you have previously copied it.

Can I transfer money to OKX from a Mastercard/Visa card?

To transfer money to your OKX account from your Mastercard or Visa card, you need to log in to your personal OKX account. First, you need to link your credit or debit card account to your OKX account. You must enter all of your personal information, such as full legal name, address, and account number, and must go through a verification process. If you have already done so, you can go to the Assets tab and select Transfer. Choose your account type, add the amount of money you want to transfer and press the Confirm button. You will go through your bank's secure verification process once again and once this is done, your transfer is complete.

Can I transfer money to OKX from PayPal?

We couldn't find any information on the website about transferring money from your PayPal account to your OKX account. This means that OKX probably does not offer this feature at this time.

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28 February 2024

22. Tips to save money on OKX commissions

It's easy to save money on OKX commissions. What is the best thing to do? Well, you can simply grab a coupon code that will give you at least 20% off the rates. Or you can become a VIP merchant and you will get lower fees or even zero on some transactions. In addition, there are many products such as Savings or Earn that could reduce the costs of your commissions.

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