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PromotionPromotion for 1% cash back sitewide order
PromotionUp to 25% discount for promotion: up to 50% discount selected locations

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1.>> What CROWNEPLAZA sells UK
CROWNEPLAZA is a luxury hotel chain which is part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group whose primary function is to offer its guests hospitality and accommodation in its rooms, trying to provide incredible intimate and family experiences through its staff. who come to their stay from an incredible vacation or a business trip.

CROWNEPLAZA not only has the possibility of providing its lodging services, it also has meeting rooms available to enjoy an evening on those special occasions, where you can receive from the organization for the event, whether it is a business meeting or a celebration, its clients can also enjoy fitness rooms, bars, restaurants and its incredible facilities for them to rest.

CROWNEPLAZA has around 400 hotels around the world which are located in the main tourist destinations of each city, and it is responsible for providing lodging service and event rooms, as well as its restaurants, bar or its pool area.

2.>> How do I make a reservation at CROWNEPLAZA?

In CROWNEPLAZA the reservations for your stays are delivered electronically, that is, they can be sent directly to your mail through an email.

3.>> What discounts does CROWNEPLAZA UK offer?

At the moment CROWNEPLAZA does not have discounts available, but for its members there are some offers or promotions.

4.>> Payment methods in CROWNEPLAZA United Kingdom
To make the payment of your reservations in CROWNEPLAZA, it is available so that your clients can make the reservation of their lodgings through payments made through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club.

5.>> How long does it take for the reservation made at CROWNEPLAZA to arrive?

At CROWNEPLAZA, once your payment has been confirmed, the ticket will be sent electronically, which may take a maximum of 30 minutes.

6.>> Coupons currently available at CROWNEPLAZA UK
Up to 5,000 IHG ​​points for each CROWNEPLAZA booking
Choose localized tours and earn up to 1,000 bonus IHG points
Up to 25% discount on the CROWNEPLAZA network with a promotional code
Free WiFi with every CROWNEPLAZA hotel reservation
Up to an additional 20% discount on your vacation if you choose a hotel CROWNEPLAZA

7.>> CROWNEPLAZA UK Customer Service
To be able to communicate with CROWNEPLAZA customer service, one of the suggested alternatives corresponds to a telephone call to the number 800914288 or, if you prefer, through an available online chat.

8.>> Benefits of using a CROWNEPLAZA coupon in UK
There are a variety of benefits that CROWNEPLAZA customers can enjoy when applying their discount coupons, mentioning as the most important the money they save on their payments, which can allow them to add one more day or use it in the fun of their trip. for a walk, or parks.

9.>> Can I cancel or change my CROWNEPLAZA reservation?

The first thing that CROWNEPLAZA clients must do to cancel their stay is to contact customer service, it is necessary to mention that there are some establishments that may charge a fee for cancellation not made in advance.

10.>> Exclusive coupon for new UK buyers
New CROWNEPLAZA customers get 5,000 reward points when they sign up for the IHG.COM network and become a member.

11.>> CROWNEPLAZA UK on social media

In the following social networks you can find the latest promotional offers and discount codes from CROWNEPLAZA:


12.>> Maximum discount offered by CROWNEPLAZA for UK buyers
The maximum discount you can get now in a CROWNEPLAZA hotel is 20% on the initial indicated price.

13.>> CROWNEPLAZA UK coupon for newsletter subscription

For subscribers, CROWNEPLAZA offers its clients information bulletins on its promotions and/or special offers, as well as its new openings or tips for a pleasant stay. Plus, by joining the IHG club you can earn an additional 5,000 bonus points.

14.>> Online reservation portals similar to CROWNEPLAZA

Customers can visit a variety of stores which are similar to CROWNEPLAZA, as they offer similar services to which they can visit and review their destinations or their available offers, some of these stores are,,,


During the month of November, CROWNEPLAZA offers incredible discounts for Black Friday available, which can reach up to 65% available, which allows you to make some reservations with time.

16.>> Coupon for CROWNEPLAZA UK for 11.11

In CROWNEPLAZA on the day of the singles, very good promotions are delivered, as well as wonderful discounts available of up to 45% to be able to make your reservations.

17.>> CROWNEPLAZA UK Cyber ​​Monday Promotional Coupons

For CROWNEPLAZA one of the most important sales holidays corresponds to the Cyber ​​Monday discount and it is that for this day different available discounts are delivered, among which are up to 72% which satisfies its customers to be able to make reservations on time .

18.>> CROWNEPLAZA UK Coupons for Christmas

In the month of December, CROWNEPLAZA offers extraordinary offers and discounts which allow its clients to make reservations for their stays and/or accommodations, discounts that can reach up to 40%.

19.>> CROWNEPLAZA mobile application for iPhone and Android

CROWNEPLAZA has a mobile application available for iPhone and Android from which its customers can make reservations at any time and wherever they are.

20.>> What are the popular destinations where CROWNEPLAZA hotels are located?

CROWNEPLAZA Vilamoura - Algarve (Portugal), CROWNEPLAZA Istanbul - Old City (Turkey), CROWNEPLAZA Kathmandu-Soaltee (Nepal), ANA CROWNEPLAZA Kanazawa (Japan), CROWNEPLAZA Amsterdam - South (Netherlands) , CROWNEPLAZA Lima (Peru) and CROWNEPLAZA Manama (Bahrain) are the 10 most popular hotels in this world with international fame.


Does CROWNEPLAZA offer free reservations?

In CROWNEPLAZA the tickets of the reservations made are issued to your email, so they are sent free of charge.

Can I pay in CROWNEPLAZA with PayPal?

It is not possible to pay for your services in CROWNEPLAZA through PayPal.

Where should I write the discount coupon in CROWNEPLAZA?

In CROWNEPLAZA no box is provided to be able to write the discount coupon.

Coupons Last Updated: Today
15 July 2024

22.>> Promotions and special coupons in CROWNEPLAZA United Kingdom
Every day CROWNEPLAZA has promotional offers and discount codes for its customers. In the following lines we present the most recent.

Up to 5,000 IHG points for each CROWNEPLAZA booking
Choose localized tours and earn up to 1,000 extra IHG points
Up to 25% discount on the CROWNEPLAZA network with a promotional code
Free WiFi with every CROWNEPLAZA hotel reservation
Up to an additional 2o% discount on your vacation if you choose a hotel CROWNEPLAZA

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