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1. What is BITTREX?

Headquartered in Seattle, United States of America, BITTREX was founded in 2014 by three cybersecurity engineers, Bill Shihara, Richie Lai and Rami Kawach, and is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges giving access to more than 440 cryptocurrencies that you can buy, sell and exchange. Regarded as one of the most secure trading platforms in the world, BITTREX welcomes you with cutting-edge technology and institutional-grade experience for both professionals and beginners in the cryptocurrency industry. With BITTREX you will not only get access to a secure platform, but you will also have access to a custom built trading engine, fast deposits and withdrawals, driving innovation and the company's promise of delivering services that meet all current US, EU and Liechtenstein regulations.

2. How can you open an account on BITTREX?

Before opening your own account on BITTREX, you should know that you must be patient and follow all our guidelines because you will have to go through a verification process that includes multiple security measures. This is done for your own safety and security, to prevent unauthorized access. The first is the first. Go to the official website and click on the Register button that you will find in the upper right corner of the main page. Select the appropriate Account Type button. We think it would be the Personal. For Corporate, there are a few more things you need to follow. Enter a valid email address that will also be your BITTREX username along with a strong password. Go ahead and click the Create Account button. Now check your email inbox to go through the verification process. You will receive a link from BITTREX. Click on it to verify your email address. Once this is done, you will need to review the Terms of Service. Accept all terms and policies and click the Accept Terms button. Submit your basic profile information by completing all the fields that appear using a keyboard with Latin characters. Please note that you must upload your government issued ID. Click Continue to finish your registration process.

3. How can you top up your BITTREX account?

If you want to top up your BITTREX account, you need to log into your own account. Now you must go to Holdings and then to Balances where you will see the list of all available currencies. Search for your preferred coin or token and when you find it, simply click on the Deposit button just below the Actions column. The deposit page will now appear which includes a list of instructions for your desired coin/token. Please note that if you have not previously deposited the coin or token to your BITTREX account, you will need to generate a new wallet address for that specific coin or token. Follow all the deposit instructions for your coin or token, copy the wallet address for it and paste it into the required field. When your deposit has started, you will need to go to the Deposits tab to check the status of your transaction. Go to the Confirmations column just below Pending Deposits to see if your deposit is fully confirmed on the blockchain before it is credited to your BITTREX account. As soon as your deposit is complete, you will see it in the Deposit History tab.

4. How can money be withdrawn from BITTREX account?

The steps you need to take to withdraw money from your BITTREX account are similar to the ones you used to add money to your account. Go to the official website and click on the Holdings icon that you can find on the top right of the main page. Find the wallet you want to use to withdraw money and click the Withdraw button located just below the Shares tab. The withdrawal screen will appear. Now you must enter the recipient wallet address and the amount of money you want to withdraw. Please note that some currencies may require a message or payment ID, label or note. If this is your case, you must provide it for the withdrawal process because if you do not attach it, you risk losing the funds. If all is well, you can now click the Withdraw button. Enter your 2FA authentication or your 6-digit code and press the Confirm button. You should find your transaction in the Withdrawal History section.

5. How long does it take to open an account on BITTREX?

Opening your own account on BITTREX does not take too long. You will need a maximum of 10 minutes to register on the platform and this is only because you will have to go through a verification process.

6. OR

promotional offers available on BITTREX

Although BITTREX does not have a classic Offers section, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot access promotional offers that could help you in your small cryptocurrency business. There are certain cryptocurrencies that could bring you incredible rewards. For example, if you stake Cardano on BITTREX Global, you will have access to different offers. And all you have to do is go to the Earn Rewards tab in your own account. Join the BITTREX Credits Program now and earn enough credits from the commissions you pay on your trades to save big on your transaction fees. Do you want to get at least 10% commission? Join the Referral Program now and for every referred friend who completes a trade, you will earn big.

7. BITTREX Customer Service

If you are not fully satisfied with the answers you can find on the Support page, then you should contact the Customer Service Team by submitting your query through the Online Contact Form or by contacting an agent on the official Bittrex Telegram channel. Global. You can also contact an agent through the live chat option.

8. The benefits of using BITTREX

Using BITTREX will provide you with a top-notch security system. The platform was built from the ground up with multiple layers of protection using the most efficient and reliable high-end technologies to keep your account and money safe and secure. Other notable benefits are low fees, advanced trading features like live order books, advanced charting tools, limit and stop orders, as well as access to educational content. Also, with BITTREX you have access to a great selection of cryptocurrencies and a user-friendly platform.

9. How can you close your BITTREX account?

If you wish to close your BITTREX account, you must contact the customer support team by submitting your request via the online contact form. You must enter your email address and a brief description of the reason why you want to leave BITTREX. Your account will be closed within 45 hours to prevent any account from being accidentally closed. Once your account is closed, you will not be able to reopen it.

10. BITTREX Coupon Code

Want to save at least 10% off at BITTREX? Do you want to receive at least $15 when you sign up on the platform? On our page, you will find the newest coupon codes for BITTREX that could bring you amazing benefits. When you find the one that suits your needs, simply click on the See Offer button to see the steps you must follow to get your discount.

11. BITTREX on social networks

Do you want to interact with passionate crypto lovers like you? Do you want to be the first to know which crypto is best to invest in? Do you want to have access to the latest offers and news from the world of cryptocurrencies? Join the awesome BITTREX social media community and follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram or YouTube to access helpful video tutorials and interviews to discover tips and tricks for your business. of cryptocurrencies. We also recommend that you read the official blog where you will have access to useful and interesting information. Here you will find many articles such as The End of Ethereum, BTC vs ETH - Computational Logic, Transparency vs Privacy on the Blockchain or Bittrex continues to build for the future.

12. The biggest discount offered by the BITTREX referral coupon code

The biggest discount that the BITTREX referral coupon code offers is the 10% commission that you will earn every time one of your referred friends completes a trade on the platform.

13. BITTREX coupon for new customers

The right BITTREX coupon will get you $15 as a sign up bonus when you create your own account for the first time.

14. Services similar to BITTREX

Do you want to trade other cryptocurrencies that are not available on BITTREX? Or maybe you just want to try something new? Are you interested in cryptocurrency exchanges that offer many rewards programs for their most loyal customers? Time to try other services similar to BITTREX. Take a look at,,,, or

15. BITTREX Black Friday Deals

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Black Friday? The special offers, of course. And BITTREX is one of the companies that lures its customers with promotional offers during this special sales event. Usually, during Black Friday, BITTREX offers you a percentage reduction in the fee, as well as different discounts when you trade with specific cryptocurrencies.

16. BITTREX 11.11 Deals

Get back to business and save the date. On November 11, also known as Double 11 or the Singles' Day sale, companies around the world celebrate the day with the biggest sales in style. Go back to BITTREX and see if the company is preparing something for its most loyal customers.

17. BITTREX Cyber ​​Monday Deals

Cyber ​​Monday is another major sales event that everyone eagerly awaits throughout the year. At BITTREX you can get at least 10% discount on many services during the Cyber ​​Monday event.

18. BITTREX Christmas Deals

Illuminate happiness and surprise your loved ones with a unique and original Christmas gift. Or why not treat yourself to a cool Christmas present? Head over to BITTREX in December for exclusive cryptocurrency holiday deals. You can get a gift card from your favorite crypto exchange at a bargain price or you can unlock huge discounts on specific cryptocurrencies.

19. BITTREX Mobile App

Stay connected. Download the official BITTREX mobile app now, available for your iOS and Android devices, to trade on the go and take your security and flexibility to another level. You can buy, sell or trade your favorite crypto anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone. You will have access to all the functionalities and features of the desktop version, but this time they are perfectly designed for mobile users.

20. The most popular cryptocurrencies traded on BITTREX

Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies traded on BITTREX are as follows: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Polygon, Tether, Litecoin e incluso más.


Where can you write your Bittrex referral code?

When you first sign up for Bittrex, you will find a text Enter a referral code (optional) below the box where you need to enter your password. If you click on the text, a box will appear where you can manually enter the reference code using the keyboard or you can paste it if you have chosen the copy and paste function.

Can I transfer money to Bittrex from a Mastercard/Visa card?

Yes, you can transfer money from your Mastercard or Visa card to your Bittrex account. Log in to your own Bittrex account and select the Holdings tab in the main menu. Then select Deposit by debit or credit card in the column. Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer to your account, as well as the required card information. You have to enter personal details such as full legal name, account number, address, etc. Check the box that says you agree to all of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Then continue with all the steps to finish your transaction. Please note that you may need to go through the verification of your bank's 3DSecure portal. Once your transfer is approved, you will find the status of your order in the Deposits section.

Can I transfer money to Bittrex from PayPal?

Currently, you cannot transfer money from your PayPal account to your Bittrex account.

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22. Tips to save money on BITTREX commissions

If you want to save money on BITTREX fees, you should trade more cryptocurrencies. The more you trade, the less your commissions will be. Also, with the Bittrex Credits Reward Program you can earn commission-free trades, which will help you in many trades. And don't forget that Bittrex Global has zero fees for deposits.

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