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What IBERIA has to offer

IBERIA is an airline founded in Spain during the year 1927 times in which flying would be a luxury that few could sustain, this airline offers its first flight the following year only with 10 passengers, during the year 1939 makes its first international flight arriving this time to Lisbon, years later in the year 1946 this makes its first flight crossing borders and seas arriving this time to Argentina, during this year the first stewardesses travel, and the delicacies of gastronomy, in 1954 made its first trip from Madrid to New York, this airline years after years was adding new routes and new destinations, in addition to cargo aircraft suitable for transporting cars, is a committed company which has been gradually transforming offering new aircraft, new routes and more comfort over time and becoming one of the most stable and modern airlines.

Among the services that IBERIA has available for its customers are Flights + Hotel, Flight + Car, Hotel, Destination Guide, Flight Search, Group Booking, Bus & Fly, Train & Fly, Destinations, Online Check-in, Advance Seat Reservation, Boarding, Manage your reservation, Flight Status, At the Airport, Fares, Experiences and Entertainment, among others.

How does IBERIA send the airline tickets?

IBERIA sends the tickets through the email with which the ticket purchase is made, also can be found from the page with the ticket code.

What discounts does IBERIA offer?

IBERIA is available to offer discounts available as:

20% discount on flights to Rome

10% discount on flights to Africa

70% discount available on flash offers

Payment methods on IBERIA

IBERIA accepts credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, UATP or PayPal as payment methods for your reservations.

How long does it take to deliver the tickets purchased at IBERIA?

In IBERIA reservations take only minutes to be delivered while the payment is verified.

Discount coupons currently available at IBERIA

Among the discounts currently available at IBERIA are:

20 off tickets to Ibiza using the code TELLEVAMOS.

10% extra discount for young people using the code EnlaPágina

IBERIA customer service

The customer service at IBERIA is available in different alternatives one of them is through Alexa, also through a chat on WhatsApp at +34676676004, as well as by calling the phone number 18007724642 or if you prefer from an online chat or from their social networks.

Benefits of using an IBERIA voucher

For IBERIA customers the use of a discount coupon is a benefit which incurs mainly in the savings they have at the time of applying it to their purchase.

How can I return a ticket ordered from IBERIA?

In IBERIA to book a ticket you can do so by contacting customer service for which you can process it up to 24 hours before the flight, you must take into account that there are some tickets to which you must cancel an extra fee if it is a flexible ticket this will not incur extra fees.

Exclusive coupon for new buyers in IBERIA

In IBERIA new customers can make the purchase of the ticket using all promotions offers and discounts also coupons and discount.

IBERIA in social networks

From social networks IBERIA customers can find all the news that this has available from their destinations, landscapes and gastronomy, also promotions which can be used to make the purchase of advance ticket.

X (Twitter)

Maximum discount offered by IBERIA for its shoppers

The maximum discount that can be found on IBERIA is currently 70% available through flash offers.

IBERIA Coupon for Newsletter Subscription

Customers who subscribe to the IBERIA newsletter will be kept up to date with exclusive newsletter notifications of new routes, offers and discounts among others.

Stores similar to IBERIA

Among the similar stores that offer similar services to IBERIA customers can visit some like Vueling.com, Aireuropa.com, KLM.com, Avianca.com, Latam.com among others.

IBERIA Black Friday Coupons

The airline IBERIA has available for its customers to purchase tickets in advance the discounts available during the Black Friday sales holiday which is available on the last Friday of November, where there will be flash discounts of up to 75%, and discount coupons ranging up to 10%.

IBERIA coupons for November 11.11

In the month of November IBERIA has available for its customers the discount sales holiday of 11.11 day in which you can find promotions with special discounts of up to 60% and discount coupons that can be up to 5%.

IBERIA coupons for Cyber Monday

IBERIA among the discounts available during the Cyber Monday discount sales holiday offers its customers the biggest discounts available during the year which can be located for a limited time up to 80% plus coupons for additional discounts of 20%, as well as good deals and discounts to make the purchase of their tickets and to save on travel.

IBERIA Christmas Coupons

For the month of December IBERIA has available Christmas discounts, for these days of Christmas holidays you can find the best deals available, and very good discounts of up to 60% on selected destinations, to shop and be with the best company celebrating the days of Christmas, plus get coupons of up to 15%.

IBERIA Mobile Application for IPhone and Android

IBERIA offers its customers the mobile application for iPhone and Android, from which they can make their reservations, as well as find the best discounts and prices available, other options from your application is to check-in, locate your reservation ticket, among other things.

Famous destinations where IBERIA flies to

IBERIA's famous destinations include:

Gran Canaria
Tel Aviv


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15 July 2024

Promotions and special coupons in IBERIA

IBERIA has available during the year very good promotions between offers, discounts and coupons with which customers can enjoy buying their tickets and save at the same time, some discounts can reach up to 80% and their coupons up to 20%.

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