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Coupon6% promotional code at car rental order over USD250
CouponEnjoy 7% discount code at select pay now hotels USD50 coupon code sitewide promotion: up to 40% discount select hotels+ flight

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1.>> What PRICELINE UK sells
PRICELINE was created by Jay Walker and originated in Connecticut in 1997 with the purpose of offering a line of fair prices to its clients. Since its inception, it caused enthusiasm due to the quality of its services provided with fair prices, which which allowed him to go up to the point of listing on the stock market.

PRICELINE has managed to get fixed customers due to its purpose of focus which consists of lasting over time, since there will always be customers who choose vacations to enjoy their trips, or those that businesses make them be customers. frequent flyers, which allows you at PRICELINE to save on your trips whether it be hotels, flights or car rentals,

PRICELINE is listed as one of the largest companies in the search for travel, hotels and cars, thanks to its quality service to its customers, which is why it continues to grow and evolve with brilliant ideas and a long way to go, establishing several unique ways for travelers, since its goal is to always be among the best travel negotiators in the world, fulfilling the purposes of helping everyone.

PRICELINE sells its customers the service of being able to find a flight, a hotel stay, a car rental in the city, a cruise trip, which you can locate from a calendar for entry and exit of its required services, the number of people, as well as a box with the destination.
2.>> How do I make a reservation on PRICELINE?

The delivery of the product in PRICELINE is made through an email which will be received through your email, this proof will be received once your payment has been confirmed.

3.>> What discounts does PRICELINE UK offer?

PRICELINE currently only has a 20% discount available for the car rental service, as well as a 60% discount available for its other services.

4.>> Payment methods on PRICELINE United Kingdom
In PRICELINE they accept various accepted payment methods, including those made through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
5.>> How long does it take for the reservation made on PRICELINE to arrive?

In PRICELINE the proof of your reservation will arrive to your email as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

6.>> Coupons currently available at PRICELINE UK
Some PRICELINE promotional offers and discount coupons are currently available:

PRICELINE Coupon Extra 5% Off
$50 PRICELINE promo code
Register VIP and get a PRICELINE coupon with 10% discount
Up to 60% off hotels with a PRICELINE promo code
PRICELINE Coupon 10% Off Newsletter Subscription

7.>> PRICELINE UK Customer Service
To contact customer service at PRICELINE, it offers different options to its customers, among them they are through a telephone number 12032206946, or if you prefer from an online chat from your page or also by sending a message to 33296 .

8.>> Benefits of using a PRICELINE coupon in the UK
One of the most important benefits that the client can have when using a discount coupon in PRICELINE is the money that can be saved at the time of paying for your service.

9.>> Can I cancel or change my PRICELINE reservation?

In order to cancel the service purchased at PRICELINE, you must log in to your account, and follow a series of steps, among them you must select the service and cancel the itinerary, for this you must agree with the policies presented, once you has canceled you will receive an email with confirmation, another alternative is to contact customer service by phone at 18007742354.

10.>> Exclusive coupon for new UK buyers
New PRICELINE customers can enjoy their currently available 10% coupon.

11.>> PRICELINE UK on social media

Here we offer you a list of the most popular social networks where you can find information about PRICELINE


12.>> Maximum discount offered by PRICELINE for UK buyers
PRICELINE has you can get a discount promotion at the moment that can be up to 60% available.

13.>> UK PRICELINE coupon for newsletter subscription

For new subscribers PRICELINE has a gift of 10% when subscribing, they can also enjoy their information bulletins of their special offers and news.

14.>> Online reservation portals similar to PRICELINE

If you prefer, you can visit a wide variety of similar stores which are similar to PRICELINE where you can review their available promotions or discounts, as well as their destination services and available connections, some of these pages may be, Expedia .com,

In PRICELINE during the Black Friday discounts you can get very good discounts, which can reach 90%, with these discounts you can make the reservations that you like the most and thus allow you to take advantage of the prices and be able to save as much as possible on their services, you can also get very good seasonal offers.

16.>> Coupon for PRICELINE UK for 11.11

For PRICELINE the discounts of 11.11 or also known as discounts for singles day, in this period you can enjoy discounts that can be up to 65% off, in the same way you can also enjoy excellent promotions in its services.

17.>> PRICELINE UK Cyber ​​Monday Promotional Coupons

PRICELINE presents the Cyber ​​Monday discounts which are carried out on the Monday following the Black Friday celebration, during this cyber holiday, they are ready to make purchases online, discounts that you cannot refuse since these can be from 75% with discount coupons from 15% which you can use together with your direct discounts.
18>> PRICELINE UK Coupons for Christmas

In the month of December in PRICELINE you will find the Christmas discounts during this month you will be able to enjoy a great variety of offers and promotional discounts, in addition to discounts which can be up to 55%.

19>> PRICELINE mobile application for iPhone and Android

PRICELINE has available for its customers the mobile download for iPhone and Android from which you can make your reservations and find the offers of the moment available.

20>> What are the popular destinations promoted by PRICELINE?

10 of the most popular destinations recommended by PRICELINE this year are: Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, San Juano - Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale, Oahu, Hawaii, Cancun, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Tampa.


Does PRICELINE offer free reservations?

In PRICELINE the shipments of your reservation vouchers are free since they are sent through an email to your email.

Can I pay in PRICELINE with PayPal?

Payments via PayPal are currently not accepted at PRICELINE.

Where should I write the discount coupon in PRICELINE?

To write a discount coupon in PRICELINE, the first thing you must do is select and reserve the service you want to perform, once you have completed this process you will automatically be redirected to the page where you will begin the payment process, here you will find a box where you must include the coupon number you wish to apply.

Coupons Last Updated: Today
23 June 2024

222>> Promotions and special coupons at PRICELINE United Kingdom
Promotional offers and coupons on PRICELINE change periodically. Here, in the lower rows, you have a list of the latest promotional codes that bring you an extra discount on the PRICELINE portal to benefit from the best price on transport by train, bus, plane or ferry:

PRICELINE Coupon Extra 5% Off
$50 PRICELINE promo code
Register VIP and get a PRICELINE coupon with 10% discount
Up to 60% off hotels with a PRICELINE promo code
PRICELINE Coupon 10% Off Newsletter Subscription

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