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HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS is a hotel chain which is among the brands that belong to the Intercontinental Hotels Group, HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS arises with the interest of being able to provide hundreds of people who need some lodging which provides them with the comfort of being able to be calm in their rooms thanks to their spaces which offer comfort and luxury in one place.

At HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS your clients can make reservations to enjoy their available rooms, either as a family for a well-deserved vacation and a safe and peaceful rest or for those people who need to make business trips where they can get spaces where they can simply be able to have a day job.

That is why HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS has available its hotels in different parts of the world, in any continent where the client wishes to travel and stay, its exclusive rooms, as well as to enjoy its outdoor spaces, its pool areas, its event rooms, restaurants, bars and even their fitness rooms.

How do I make a reservation on HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS?

In HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS the ticket issued for the reservation made is delivered electronically, which arrives with the confirmation number of your reservation through an email.

What discounts does HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS UK offer?

As a discount available to its clients, HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS offers its clients a 30% discount to enjoy on their reservations.

Payment methods on HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS United Kingdom

HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS clients have the possibility of making the payment of their reservations through the main internationally accepted credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club.

How long does it take for the reservation made on HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS to arrive?

In HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS once the payment of the reservations has been confirmed, it sends the ticket to its clients in a maximum period of half an hour through an email to their email address.

Coupons currently available at HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS UK

Up to 5,000 IHG ​​points for every HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS booking
Choose localized tours and earn up to 1,000 bonus IHG points
Up to 30% discount on the HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS network with a promotional code
Free Wi-Fi with every HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS hotel reservation
Up to an additional 25% off your vacation when you choose a hotel HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS


HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS has an online chat available so that its clients can communicate with the customer service at or a number that can be reached by phone at 800914288.

Benefits of using a HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS coupon in UK

One of the most important benefits that HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS customers can have when using their discount coupons is that they can have the opportunity to save money at checkout, which can be used for other accommodations in the future.

Can I cancel or change my HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS reservation?

In order for HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS clients to be able to cancel their reservations, they must primarily contact customer service, where they will receive all the instructions, as well as take into account that there are some occasions where an additional fee will be charged. for cancellation.

Exclusive coupon for new UK buyers

New HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS customers earn 5,000 reward points when they sign up for the IHG.COM network and become a member.


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Maximum discount offered by HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS for UK buyers

As a maximum discount, HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS customers can enjoy the 30% that it has for some of their reservations.

HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS UK coupon for newsletter subscription

For subscribed clients of HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS, they can receive through their email newsletters regarding their promotions, available offers and, by joining the IHG club, they can earn 5000 additional bonus points.

Online booking portals similar to HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS

There are a variety of stores similar to HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS which have similar services available, these stores can be visited to verify and compare their prices, or their offers, in addition to their spaces, among others, some of these stores are, Hilton .com, Marriott,


In the month of November, at HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS, among the discounts available for this day, your clients can get great discounts, which can be close to 68% available, which allows you to make your reservations on time.

Coupon for HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS UK for 11.11

For the day of the singles HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS offers different promotions which makes its clients can enjoy making reservations together with its good discounts available on the day of up to 55%.

HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS UK Cyber ​​Monday Promotional Coupons

For HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS one of the most significant sales holidays belongs to Cyber ​​Monday and it is that for this day they are celebrated together with different discounts among which are up to 72% available which helps their customers to make the trip to the rest spaces.


During the month of December HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS has offers and discounts available for its customers which can reach up to 30%.

HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS mobile application for iPhone and Android

At HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS, its clients have the availability of being able to make their reservations through the mobile application that it has available for iPhone and Android.

What are the popular destinations where HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS hotels are located?

HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Nashville Downtown Conference Center (Tennessee), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Waikiki (Hawaii), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS San Diego Downtown (California), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS & Suites Grand Canyon (Arizona), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Denver Downtown (Colorado), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS San Antonio North Riverwalk Area (Texas), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS & Suites Nearest Universal Orlando (Florida), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Boston (Massachusetts), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Springfield Downtown (Massachusetts), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS & Suites Indianapolis Downtown – Convention Center Area (Indiana), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Las Vegas – South (Nevada), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Charleston Downtown – Medical Area (South Carolina), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Salt Lake City Downtown (Utah), HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Hilton Head Island (South Carolina) and HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS Nashville Airport (Tennessee) are the some of the most popular HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS in this world with international fame.


Does HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS offer free reservations?

At HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS, your ticket is sent free of charge since it is done online.

Can I pay at HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS with PayPal?

Unfortunately in HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS you cannot make the payment through PayPal since it is not accepted.

Where should I write the discount coupon on HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS?

Unfortunately, HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS does not have a box available to write a discount coupon.

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15 July 2024

Promotions and special coupons at HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS United Kingdom

Every day HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS has promotional offers and discount codes for its customers. In the following lines we present the most recent.

Up to 5,000 IHG points for every HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS booking
Choose localized tours and earn up to 1,000 extra IHG points
Up to 30% discount on the HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS network with a promotional code
Free Wi-Fi with every HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS hotel reservation
Up to an additional 25% off your vacation when you choose a hotel HOLIDAYINNEXPRESS

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