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Offer TypeDiscount Details coupon: USD20 discount refer a freind
PromotionUSD30 discount first USD100 transfer at USD20 promo first transfer

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What REMITLY UK sells

REMITLY was founded by Matt Oppenheimer, its director and co-founder, who since 2011 has had a work team whose main objective is to be able to transform the lives of migrants and their families who send money to all countries of the world, this thanks to its focus on changing the world of remittances through a faster digital service offering reduced rates.

REMITLY, through its digital remittance exchange service, intends to protect its clients' money and that it arrives in the fastest, most effective, transparent way and with low rates, which satisfies our clients, this sending process can make them from your mobile phone wherever you are and it can reach your destination quickly or cheaply, as well as through transfer, cash or card to the bank or exchange house that the client wishes at the time of carry out the transaction to any of the 100 receiving countries from the 17 available sending countries.

At REMITLY, your customers just have to register and start their exchange process, which they can do from the app or from the online platform.

How REMITLY Ships the Software Program

Transfers made through REMITLY are delivered through the main banks established from the web or the app, through debit or credit cards, bank transfers or cash.

What discounts does REMITLY UK offer?

Currently REMITLY has no discounts available.

Payment methods at REMITLY United Kingdom

In REMITLY you can make the payment of currency transfers through the main debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, in some countries it is accepted to do so from Klarna, bank transfers, iDeal, passbooks, SEPA transfers.

How long does it take to deliver products ordered from REMITLY?

The delivery time of the exchange currencies in REMITLY can vary due to several factors, one of which is the country of delivery, other factors correspond to the express shipping method that takes only a few minutes and the economic shipping method that can take between 3 to 5 business days.

Coupons currently available at REMITLY UK

For REMITLY UK these coupons and promotional offers are currently available:

$20 discount coupon on a minimum money transfer of $100 with REMITLY
Refer a friend REMITLY and you will receive a bonus in the form of a coupon
$20 off first shipment with REMITLY
REMITLY Promo Code $20 For Newsletter Subscription
$20 promo code REMITLY

REMITLY UK Customer Service

To contact customer service at REMITLY you can do so from an available online chat, or if you prefer by calling 8446040924 for free or 18446040924

Benefits of using a REMITLY coupon in the UK

At REMITLY, customers have the benefit of acquiring offer codes which are delivered with the aim and purpose of being able to enjoy sending transfers paying less than what is expected in the exchange rate.

How can I return or cancel a REMITLY software program?

In order to cancel or delete your REMITLY account, the customer must contact customer service, since this process will be carried out directly by the REMITLY team.

Exclusive REMITLY coupon for new UK buyers

At REMITLY your new customers receive exclusive transfer offers, which they can find in their email through low exchange rates. The REMITLY coupon for new customers offers a $20 discount on transfers of at least $100.

REMITLY UK on social media

REMITLY has very useful information on the social network pages and the latest promotional codes are published regularly.


Maximum discount offered by REMITLY for UK buyers

The maximum discount that REMITLY offers today is in the form of a promo code for registering with the email address and it brings with it a discount of $20.

REMITLY UK coupon for newsletter subscription

At REMITLY, when subscribing to your newsletter, your clients acquire newsletters with your news, as well as offer codes, rates and promotional announcements, among others. REMITLY promo code for those who subscribe to the newsletter today offers $20 discount on transfers of at least $100

Programs similar to REMITLY

On the online platform, customers can locate some stores similar to REMITLY which can present the same service, to which they can check and compare their interest rates or their delivery countries among others, some of these stores can be Moneygram .com,,


On a sales holiday known as Black Friday at REMITLY your customers can enjoy some very low rates available for this day which can be as low as 1.50%.

Coupon for REMITLY UK for 11.11

There are some great 11/11 sale holiday promotions available at REMITLY, as well as wonderful rates that can reach 1%.

REMITLY UK Cyber ​​Monday Promotional Coupons

For the Cyber ​​Monday sale holiday at REMITLY which is one of the most important with very good and very low rates of up to 1.70%.

REMITLY UK Christmas Coupons

In the month of December in REMITLY you can get some days which you can get different and very good rates which you can take advantage of and enjoy for currency exchange, these rates can be up to 1.40%.

REMITLY mobile application for iPhone and Android

REMITLY has a mobile application available for iPhone and Android from which you can make your transactions quickly, easily and safely.

Software known for sale on the REMITLY website

The products delivered in REMITLY correspond to its own brand.


Does REMITLY offer free shipping?

Shipments made through REMITLY are not free since an interest rate must be paid for each transaction made.

Can I pay in REMITLY with PayPal?

In REMITLY it is not possible to make transfers through PayPal.

Where should I write the discount coupon in REMITLY?

REMITLY offers its customers offer codes so that they can apply at the time of making their transfers, which they can do from the app or from the web.

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25 July 2024

Special promotions and coupons at REMITLY United Kingdom

The best discount coupons and promotional offers for REMITLY in the last period are presented in the rows below:

$20 discount coupon on a minimum money transfer of $100 with REMITLY
Refer a friend REMITLY and you will receive a bonus in the form of a coupon
$20 off first shipment with REMITLY
REMITLY Promo Code $20 For Newsletter Subscription
$20 promo code REMITLY

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