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CouponTake 5% promotional code at TemplateMonster.com newsletter

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What TemplateMonster sells

TemplateMonster was established in 2002 as a market leading HTMIL template provider platform, which offers the best updates on its products which are present on Marcketplace.
TemplateMonster has a team that works every day to keep its customers satisfied through its available products which are designed to meet the needs of easy and simple way as is the case of creating content either for business or independent providing what is necessary to create your own project including the creation of website.

Among the products that you can get in TemplateMonster are WordPress Themes, WooCommerce Themes, HTML5 Templates, Shopify Themes, Zemez, MotoCMS, Weblio, MotoPress, MonstruoONE, Construtor Novi, among others, intended for topics such as Business services, fashion beauty, home and family, design and photography, real estate, cars and motorcycles, medical, outdoor sports, food and restaurants, electronics, among others.

How does TemplateMonster ship orders?

In TemplateMonster the shipment of your products is done online, for this you must log into your account to download your templates and / or purchase your products.

What discounts does TemplateMonster offer?

Among the discounts that TemplateMonster currently offers:

30% discount for Business and services
40% discount on PrestaShop themes
7% discount on WordPress themes
5% discount on selected items

Payment methods on TemplateMonster

Payment methods accepted at TemplateMonster are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and PayPal.

How long does it take to deliver the products ordered from TemplateMonster?

At TemplateMonster the time it takes for the products to be delivered is only minutes as long as the payment is confirmed.

Discount coupons currently available on TemplateMonster?

Among the discount coupons available at TemplateMonster:

5% extra discount available on all templates using the code templatemonsterddmarketplace5.

5% discount available for One subscription using the code monsteronecreative5.

10% discount on HTML5 templates using the code HTML5WEBSITE.

TemplateMonster Customer Support Service

The customer service available on TemplateMonster can be through an online chat via a contact form by calling +13473420463.

Benefits of using a TemplateMonster coupon

The benefits that customers obtain by using the discount coupons available at TemplateMonster include the savings they obtain, which allows them to enjoy the purchase of another product.

How can I return an ordered product to TemplateMonster?

At TemplateMonster the customer must contact customer service for any problem that may arise during the purchase of the product, such as a defect or failure during installation. There is no refund for these products since they are intangible products, so once the product has been shipped, there is no refund or return of the product.

Exclusive coupon for new buyers in TemplateMonster

New TemplateMonster buyers can use the coupons that are available at the time of purchase.

TemplateMonster on Social Networks

TemplateMonster customers can find all available promotions from discounts and coupons to offers, as well as news about TemplateMonster products.

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Maximum discount offered by TemplateMonster for its buyers

On TemplateMonster you can find a maximum discount available of 40%.

TemplateMonster coupon for newsletter subscription

At TemplateMonster people who subscribe to the newsletter can stay up to date with your promotions and new products by receiving notification newsletters of available offers and discounts.

Stores similar to TemplateMonster

Among the stores that are similar to TemplateMonster customers can visit some like Themeisle.com, Modernthemes.net, Envato.com, among others which offer similar products.

TemplateMonster Black Friday Coupons

In TemplateMonster Black Friday discounts are available during this holiday sale you can get very good discounts, which can reach up to 70% with additional discount coupons of up to 10% to make the most of all their products.

TemplateMonster Coupons for 11.11

The 11.11 discounts in TemplateMonster can be found in the month of November, day in which you can find the best promotions for the purchase of their products in which they can be combined, as well as discounts of up to 60% and coupons of 3%.

TemplateMonster Coupons for Cyber Monday

The products that TemplateMonster has available are available during the Cyber Monday discounts which take place on the Monday following the Black Friday celebration, day in which discounts up to 77% plus an additional coupon at the end of the purchase of 15%.

TemplateMonster Christmas Coupons

Christmas discounts in TemplateMonster are obtained in the month of December and for these days can be selected for all products with the best deals on the market, as well as discounts from 25% and additional coupons from 3%.

TemplateMonster Mobile Application for IPhone and Android

TemplateMonster has no mobile application available.

Famous brands sold on TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster only carries TemplateMonster own brand products.


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15 July 2024

Special promotions and coupons at TemplateMonster

From the special promotions and coupons available TemplateMonster customers can make their purchases and save at the time of payment, making the most of all its exclusives.

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